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Your Bridge Street Church family would like to ensure that you remain connected to the people you have made a decision to unite with when you joined the church. We are able to keep members connected to other members by obtaining members’ phone number, mailing and email addresses. If we don’t have updated information on file for members then we are unable to inform members of important dates and events occurring within the fellowship.


The Bridgecare Class Leader Ministry is a ministry of fifty (50) small groups whose primary function is to create and foster opportunities for members to connect with one another on a spiritual and social level.

The Bridgecare Class Leader Ministry is the pastoral arm of the church.  It is the primary vehicle used by the pastor to remain updated on the spiritual and physical well-being of members.  When members join Bridge Street, they are immediately assigned to a small group called a “Class”.  Each small group or class has a leader which we refer to as “Class Leaders.”  Each small group or class can vary in size from a few people to almost twenty-five people.  Classes may vary in size due to extenuating circumstances such as class members relocating, passing away or resigning their membership from the church.  Regardless of class size, class members should make a concerted effort to connect with members of their class as well as keep their class leader abreast of their spiritual and physical well-being.

Class Leaders manage intake and follow up of new members. They plan two church-wide fellowship opportunities in the fall and spring of each year for members to come together to enjoy food and to have fun while they become acquainted with one another.  Class Leaders are also responsible for calling their class members weekly to check on them.  Should a member of a class experience death in their family, are ill or hospitalized, they are responsible for contacting their class leader to share that information.  Class Leaders are then responsible for sharing this information with the pastor.

Class members should notify their Class Leader and the Church Office when they change address, telephone number or email.  The Church Office should also be notified when class members relocate or decide to resign the membership from the church.  It is difficult for the church to remain abreast of members’ needs when we don’t have current information on the membership.

Meet Your Class Leader

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