Youth & Young Adults


Richard Allen Youth Council (RAYC) Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry at Bridge Street consists of a group of dedicated, committed youth who come together twice monthly to rap and study about the Word of God and to discuss how God’s Word impacts or intersects with the decisions they make daily.

Rap Sessions are held on the first Friday of each month at 7:00pm.

Youth Bible Study – Word Sessions – are held on the third Friday of each month at 7:00pm.

The Youth Ministry organizes two worship services annually for the second Sunday of January and October. During these services, the youth lead in dance, song, mime and spoken word. There is also a youth speaker or preacher for the service.

During the month of July, the youth organize an Xpress ‘Ur Self-weekend where they engage the arts in worship.

For more information about the Youth Ministry, please email Rev. April Beckles.

Youth Ministry Mission & Vision


The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) is a community of believers (between the ages of 18-40) who work together to foster the mission and purpose of the Gospel through meetings, gatherings, retreats, bible study, worship, and fellowship.

The Young Adult Ministry meets on the fourth Sunday of each month to study God’s Word. Throughout the month the Young Adult Ministry meets for fellowship at restaurants, coffee shops and private homes to discuss life issues.

YAM is actively involved in organizing opportunities for social justice engagement through protests, marches and letter writing campaigns.

Evangelism and sharing God’s Word to those who are in need of encouragement is another aspect of YAM.

For more information about the Young Adult Ministry, contact Rev. Monique Wheeler.

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