OurPastorsWelcome to the Bridge Street Family! Your decision to accept Jesus as Lord of your life is a very serious commitment that should not be taken lightly. There is much work to do in God’s vineyard, your new union with the body of Christ, known as Bridge Street, makes you a co-laborer of Christ in fulfilling God’s mission and mandate to use your time, tithe and talent to minister to the needs of the church and community.

Because God has equipped every believer with at least one spiritual gift and many talents, each of us is responsible for discerning and determining where we fit in God’s great scheme.  The key to determining where you fit in the body of Christ resides in your attending and completing the four-week New Member Class.  During the class, you will be exposed to information concerning the faith doctrines of the Methodist denomination, how to identify and understand your spiritual gifts, the concept of stewardship and managing one’s time, tithe and talent for God, and the many ministries offered by Bridge Street.

At the conclusion of the New Member Class, new members are expected to join at least one ministry they can work in to further the mission of the church, which is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological and environmental needs of people.

Bridge Street is committed to developing disciples who can and will carry God’s word with them wherever they might find themselves: on the job, in the home, on the bus or train, etc. It is through effective discipleship that people are drawn to Christ and the Church so please make a concerted effort to grow your faith by attending Bible Study, Sunday School and Saturday Prayer.

Together, we can build up and expand the work begun by our ancestors some 250 years ago!

In Christ,

Rev. David B. Cousin, Sr., Pastor
Rev. Valerie E. Cousin, Executive Minister