Awakened – Women’s Ministry

The Annual Women’s Day Celebration was officially started by Mrs. Romayne Portlock, wife of Rev. J. Anthony Portlock, pastor of Bridge Street from 1952-1958. Although Women’s Day had been observed prior to the Portlock’s leadership, it did not become an annual event until Mrs. Portlock organized the Women’s Club in 1952. Mrs. Portlock served as president of the Women’s Club and as chairperson of Women’s Day. The goal of Women’s Day was both spiritual and financial. To that end, the women would plan, organize and implement a multitude of activities leading up to Women’s Day under a central theme and scriptural text.

Under Rev. Valerie’s leadership, the Annual Women’s Day event became one of many activities organized under the umbrella of “Women’s Season,” a four-month period (January thru April) that lead up to the Annual Women’s Day Culmination Service. During Women’s Season the women have planned and organized events such as: 7am Lenten meditations, monthly bible study, women’s conference, young girls’ retreat, prayer breakfast, women’s empowerment luncheons, youth worship services, adoption of a local women’s residential facility.

Women’s Season is one of several initiatives that fall under the Awakened Women’s Ministry. Other initiatives undertaken by the women’s ministry during the period outside of Women’s Season (May thru December) include book discussions, silent retreats, and tutoring youth through the Reading Partners program.

The goal of the Awakened Women’s Ministry is to develop women for spiritual leadership in the church. Our motto is “Empowering women by inspiring, supporting and awakening the culture of unity in our church and community.”