We encourage giving as an act of worship.


We encourage members and visitors to tithe a portion of their income to God so that the ministries of the church might be successful in addressing the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and environmental needs of people.

Tithing is defined as ten percent of one’s income and it is part of our stewardship of God’s financial resources. To be a steward is to be a manager of that which has been temporarily placed in our possession. Our time, our talent and our tithe are all temporary possessions that God has made us stewards over.

If you desire to be a good steward (manager) over the resources God has placed in your possession, please consider giving in the worship service, by mail or online (when it is made available).


Every member who joins our church is assigned an envelope number once they have completed New Member Class. The envelope number is used to record members’ giving for year-end financial statements. Please make sure that you use your envelope number on all giving envelopes. Visitors who give in the offering should retain their cancelled check to receive tax credit for their offering.


Many of our ill and homebound members as well as those members who may work periodically on Sundays opt to mail their tithe and offering. If you would like to mail your tithe and offering, please make sure that your envelope number is listed on each offering envelope so that you might receive credit on your financial statement for your giving.


Click the Givelify link below to donate over a secure website.  You can donate using Visa, MasterCard or Discover

  1. Select the amount you would like to donate, or tap Other to enter a different amount.
  2. Select a donation envelope. e.g. Tithes, General, etc.
  3. If you have multiple categories you are giving to, click Add Donation and return to step 1
  4. When finished, tap Give Now.