With your new church family

There are many ways for you to get involved in the life of your new church! Listed below are some ministries that you may want to consider serving in.

Ministry Ministry Leader Ministry Focus
Alabama Club Sis. Janice Teague Fellowship & Fundraising
Christian Education Department Sis. Deloris McKenzie Provide resources to grow spiritually
Class Leader Ministry Rev. Valerie E. Cousin Keep members connected
Free Food Feeding Program Sis. Irene Evans Provide free meals and clothing
Georgia/ Booster/ Silver Lining Club Sis. Betty Gilliard Fellowship & Fundraising
Girl Scouts Sis. Valerie Braxton-Carr /Sis. Yvonne Anderson Building character in girls
Hanifah Youth Choir Sis. June Beasley Provide music during services
Health Commission Sis. Verna Ademu-John Provide info on health & wellness
Helping Hand Ministry Sis. Gail Claitt Fellowship & Fundraising
Joint Usher Board Sis. Mary Barber Usher during services; Fellowship
Ladies Usher Board Sis. Merry Scarborough Usher during services; Fundraising
Lay Organization Sis. Marilyn Odol Fellowship & Fundraising
Liturgical Dance /Mime Ministry Sis. Marilyn Morris Dance/Mime during worship services
Male Usher Board Bro. Paul Wallace Usher during services; Fundraising
Men’s Ministry Rev. Charles Griffin Ministry to Men
Missionary Society Sis. Sowonee Duworko, Interim President Mission Work local and abroad
New York Club Betsy R. Edwards Fellowship & Fundraising
Nurses Unit Sis. Betty Gilliard Provide health and wellness info
Pastor’s Aide Ministry Sis. Brenda Cannon Minister to the First Family & Special Guests
Praise Ensemble Nerva Altino Minister during worship services
Prayer Ministry Evang. Carolyn Simmons Intercede in prayer
Prison Ministry Rev. Bruce Williams Minister to the Incarcerated
Progressive Men & Women’s Club Unassigned Provide Thanksgiving bounty to seniors
Relief Society Sis. Joyce A. Smith Offer insurance thru membership
Richard Allen Youth Council (RAYC) Rev. April Beckles Ministry to the Youth
Security Ministry Bro. Darrell Beasley Provide security for the ministry
South Carolina Club Bro. Nathaniel Lewis Fellowship & Fundraising
Stewardess Board Sis. Thomasena Williams Prepare the sacraments; dress the altar
Sunday School Sis. Annette Ione Williams Provide Christian Education
Women’s Ministry Rev. Valerie Cousin, Advisor Teaching & Fellowship
Young Adult Ministry Rev. Monique P. Wheeler Teaching & Fellowship
Young People’s Department Sis. D. Vanessa Gamble Mission & Fellowship
Young People’s Usher Board Bro. William Newsome Usher during services; Fellowship