Youth Ministry

Bridge Street's Youth Activities

Young People’s Department [YPD] develops youth and young adults ages 6-26 for leadership in church and society. The youth meet monthly at 12:30pm on Sundays to engage in team building activities and to learn Roberts Rules of Order to effectively lead their meetings. Youth officers are elected annually.

Sunday School meets weekly at 9:00am with youth ages 2 to 16 to share information about biblical stories and to teach youth how to contextualize those stories to live their lives more fully.

Youth & Young Adult Ushers meet monthly on the second Sun­day of each month to learn how to usher people to their seats dur­ing programs and services as well as how to collect offering plates from each pew in an orderly manner.

Hanifah Youth Choir meets weekly at 6: 15pm beginning the first Friday after Labor Day and continue through to the last Friday in June. Youth ages 6-18 are taught sectional parts and are coached on vocal tone and how to read music and lead solos.

Dance & Mime Ministry meets weekly at 6:00pm on Thursdays and youth are taught choreography of dance movements.

Dramatic Arts Ministry is in the process of being restructured.

The Richard Allen Youth Council meets with youth ages 6-16 at 6: 15pm on the first Friday of each month for Youth Empowerment Sessions which addresses issues regarding peer pressure, self­esteem, bullying, social skills development, etc. Food is provided at each session.

Girl Scouts meet weekly at 6:00pm beginning the first Friday after Labor Day and continue until the last Friday in the school year.