Stewardess Guide

The function of stewardesses is outlined in the 2012 Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church as is as follows:

A.  To provide the implements and elements of the Holy Communion and Holy Baptism.

  1. Prepare the bread itself as a service of love and devotion rather than purchase it.
  2. Make adequate preparations for all baptisms. Where there is not a baptismal font, they shall provide a basin of water, clean white linen towels, and such other items as may be required.

B.  To dress the pulpit and altar rail with suitable clean white coverings for these rituals.

  1. The linen used for the table should always be white and perfectly clean. The linen may be embellished with embroidered or crocheted Protestant religious symbols.
  2. The utensils should be polished.
  3. As the washing of hands is both ceremonial and practical, special care should be given to sanitizing the ministers’ hands for serving the Holy Communion. Using soap, warm water should be poured over the hands of the ministers for appropriate washing.  Small white towels should be applied for each minister to dry their hands before administering the sacrament.  The common bowl of water must be avoided.  Hand sanitizers or antibacterial agents are acceptable.  Stewardesses should practice health-conscious and safety methods in preparing the elements of the Holy Communion consistent with a standard that meets or exceeds local health laws regarding the preparation of food for public consumption.
  4. To dress the pulpit and altar with suitable, clean, colored coverings for the various seasons of the Christian year, for funerals and memorials.

Stewardess  Guide