Parking Instructions

Please Note the following Parking Rules during Annual Conference:

  • Parking will be allowed at a 90 degree angle on Stuyvesant Avenue between Madison and Halsey Street.
  • Stuyvesant Ave will be open to normal traffic.
  • Double parking WILL BE ALLOWED on:
    • Jefferson Ave between Malcolm X Blvd and Stuyvesant Ave.
    • Hancock Street between Malcolm X Blvd and Stuyvesant Ave.
    • However, you will need a Parking Placard in order to take advantage of these parking allowances.
  • Please Note: If you park out of the zones indicated above, you will be parking at your own risk and may be subject to a summons or towing.

For More Information, Contact the Transportation Team at (718) 452-3936.

Click here to download a printable copy of the Parking Permit.

Parking Permit Form - NY Annual Conference - April 26, 2016